Elite Divers Nitrox AnalyzerThe O2 EII Oxygen Analyzer is designed to measure Oxygen levels in the range 0.1-100% O2 for tank oxygen level verification. The O2 EII is ergonomically designed, and equipped with several features to ensure ease of use, and reliability. The instrument has been designed to be held in the left hand to enable ease of use when checking your tank. It is fitted with a large digital display and operates from an internal temperature compensated electrochemical oxygen sensor. Power is provided by a 9V battery which will last for approximately 1 year before replacement is necessary. The O2 EII will automatically switch off after 10 minutes to ensure battery life is not compromised if the instrument is accidentally turned on. The O2 EII is water and drop resistant. Designed specifically for the diving industry – whether you may be a Sport (NITROX), Commercial or Military diver- where hostile environmental conditions are the norm not the exception. Your O2 EII is supplied ready to use, all you need to do is push in the EII adapter.

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