Clean your BCD - Elite DiversCleaning your Scuba Equipment after diving is important to extending its life. In one cleaning, B.C. Life removed 4 tablespoons of salt from one B.C. – some of the crystals were 1″ wide! Salt crystals will abrade your B.C. bladder, hoses, O-rings and valves, irreversibly damaging this vital piece of gear. Clean your B.C. regularly with B.C Life to preserve and condition the shell, interior lining, hose and valves and to eliminate damaging salt crystals.

B.C.D. Cleaning Steps:

Step 1:
Pour 4 capfuls (1 oz.) of B.C. Life into the mouthpiece, pressing the oral inflate button with your thumb.

Step 2:
Partially fill B.C. with fresh water and shake to mix with B.C. Life. Turn B.C. upside down and sideways to thoroughly clean all chambers.

Step 3:
Drain the liquid from the B.C. through the mouthpiece and through the bottom dump valve.

Step 4:
Add 4 capfuls (1 oz.) of B.C. Life to 1 gallon water, mix with hand, then soak B.C. for 10 minutes to clean exterior. Rinse interior and exterior thoroughly.

Step 5:
Hang B.C. partially inflated in a cool, dry place to air dry.

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