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SCUBAPRO MK25/S600 Deep Blue TI-Core Regulator System

Air Balanced, Flow-Thru-Piston- First Stages with Air Balanced Pistons deliver Significantly-More Air to the Second Stage than any other First Stage, while their performance is totally unaffected by the changing tank pressure. A Balanced Piston allows the use of Lighter-and-More-Sensitive Components, resulting in Ultra-Fast Breathing Response, instant delivery of air on demand, and extra high air flow, especially in low tank pressure ranges. The tired diver benefits from a smoother breathing regulator during the ascent or deco stop. Balanced Piston First Stages are the first choice of demanding sport divers and professionals. A Balanced Piston performs equally in warm and cold water environments.

Flawless Performance of SCUBAPRO’s Best-Selling Air Balanced Second Stage
Super-Lightweight and Corrosion-Resistant
Jewel-Colored Deep Blue PVD Finish: Guarantees High Scratch and Corrosion Resistance
High Performance, Reliable SCUBAPRO Technology and Value
Weight: 35.3oz (1,000g)
Owner’s Manual
Limited Lifetime Warranty
First-Stage: SCUBAPRO MK25
Machined, Marine-Grade PVD Plated Brass Body
Balanced Composite/Stainless Steel Flow-Thru Piston
Thermal Insulating System (TIS)
TIS: Prevents Freezing-Up and Malfunctioning in Cold Water Conditions
High Performance in Warm and Cold Water to 3336psi (230 bars)
HP Ports: 2
LP High Flow (HF) Ports: 5
LP Ports Mounted on Swivel Turret Cap for Maximum Hose Routing
Second-Stage: SCUBAPRO S600 Regulator
S600’s Versatility: Meets Diver’s Needs as Frequently as Diver-Changes Dive Sites
Valve Housing: Titanium for Extreme Corrosion Resistance and Lightness
Linear Air-Balancing Valve
Top-Notch Air-Balancing System
Less-Energy, Breathing-Underwater
SCUBAPRO’s Performer: Constant & Effortless Air Flow
Diver Adjustable Inhalation Effort for Personalized Breathing Control
Venturi Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA)
VIVA: Dive/Pre-Dive Control Switch Prevents Free Flow in Cold Water
High Flow Exhaust Valve that Reduces Exhalation
Super-Comfort High-Flow (HF) Mouthpiece
3/8″ Threaded Super-Flow Hose with Strong and Durable Kevlar Lining

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