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Dive Techniques – How to clean your B.C.D.

Cleaning your Scuba Equipment after diving is important to extending its life. In one cleaning, B.C. Life removed 4 tablespoons of salt from one B.C. - some of the crystals were 1" wide! Salt crystals will abrade your B.C. bladder, hoses, O-rings and valves,...

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Elite Divers Underwater Services

To our new friends and old partners, Since 1987, Elite Divers, opened its doors to the public and quickly became one of the well known SCUBA diving shop in Northern New Jersey. At Elite Divers, our employees strive to be the best in the business in giving every...

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Product Review: Analox 02EII Nitrox Analyzer

Video: The O2 EII Oxygen Analyzer is designed to measure Oxygen levels in the range 0.1-100% O2 for tank oxygen level verification. The O2 EII is ergonomically designed, and equipped with several features to ensure ease of...

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